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Maple Passions Security

Hillside Lane Farm ensures the security of information you submit to us.

Credit Card Purchases
Credit Card Transactions are conducted by Hillside Lane Farm, Ltd. (http://www.hillsidelane.com). Hillside Lane Farm, Ltd. also owns and operates Maple Passions - this web site.

We do not store or keep credit card information with your account information. All account information we keep is for future shipping and billing but does NOT contain your credit card information.

We do check names and addresses at the time of a transaction to prevent fraud. Please ensure the name and address you use for the on-line transaction matches the one on file with your credit card company.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 802-728-0070 or email us at info@hillsidelane.com.



Maple Passions ensures your security and respects your privacy
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