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Welcome to Maple Passions Body Syrup!

The human body is an amazing creation. Artists have copied its form to stone and canvas for centuries. Personally, we think the body is a canvas. And we have just the item to paint it with - body syrup. What better way to enjoy an intimate evening than with your partner and little bit of fun?

Release the artist in you with our all natural Raspberry Maple Body Syrup. It's made with real maple syrup and pure raspberry extract so it's just as good to eat as it is to spread it all over.

image of kissing couplepour it on

Try a bottle today with that special someone. They make great gifts for the holidays too! Give individual bottles, matching sets or one of our gift baskets as Christmas gifts.

You don't need pancakes for these syrups. Just pour it on your partner and... well, you get the idea.

Maple Passions Body Syrups.

best when served at body temperature


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